People's Choice Awards 2015

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It appears as though Festivus has arrived early this year for Seinfeld fans! Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards, three-fourths of Seinfeld’s iconic fab four, reunited yesterday at the inaugural Los Angeles Fatherhood Initiative Lunch in Beverly Hills. The former sitcom stars were there to help raise money for Baby Buggy, a charitable organization … Continue reading  more

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Another actor portraying Jack Dawson in Titanic? As if! Several years ago Clueless star Jeremy Sisto revealed that he did a screen test opposite Kate Winslet to play one-half of one of the greatest cinematic couples of all time. Now in a new interview with HuffPost Live, Sisto is opening up about his experience auditioning … Continue reading  more

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Someone call J. Jonah Jameson, because despite what you may have heard, the hunt for the new Spider-Man is still very much on. Though recent reports have claimed that Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien had already been cast as Peter Parker, the actor revealed in an interview with BuzzFeed that the rumors were just that. In fact, he hasn’t … Continue reading  more

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