People's Choice Awards 2015

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You’re on Spring Break. You’re home with the flu. You’re having a lazy Sunday of epic proportions. Chances are, you’re also either in the midst of binge-watching something, or searching for your next victim. You cruise Netflix and hit up Hulu+ & Amazon Prime. You make a mental note to ask your friend for her … Continue reading  more

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Was that just the sniffles? A strategically placed cough? Something in your eye? No! Those were real, live tears and we all know it, OK!? Listen, we all deal with tear jerkers in our own little way, but it takes a truly confident person to own up to their emotions, grab the nearest tissue and admit … Continue reading  more

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Are Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) about to take their relationship to the next level? After a nearly year-long hiatus, Beauty and the Beast is finally returning to the CW in June — and star Kristin Kreuk promises the wait will be made very worth it. So what could possibly make up for … Continue reading  more

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