People's Choice Awards 2014

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‘Awkward’s’ Molly Tarlov Reveals Her Perfect First Date, Favorite TV Relationship, And More

After four long months, MTV’s¬†Awkward is finally back! To celebrate one of our favorite teen series’ triumphant return to television, we’re premiering an Awkward-inspired version of our signature rapid-fire celebrity Q & A race against time; we’re of course talking about People’s Choice Against the Clock! Today’s episode features a double dose of Awkward awesomeness […] more

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Channing Tatum Might Join ‘X-Men’ Spinoff, Robert Pattinson’s New Movie Trailer Is Here, And More

Happy Friday, People’s Choicers! So many headlines, so little time. Let’s get to i! Channing Tatum’s in talks to possibly portray Gambit in the 2016 X-Men film, the trailer for Robert Pattinson’s upcoming movie The Rover is released, and Lorde finally meets her inspiration for “Royals” — those stories and more in today’s celebrity headlines! […] more

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‘Scandal’ Scoop: Stars Were Apparently ‘Screaming’ During Shocking Finale Table Read

In case there was any doubt that the Scandal finale will be chock full of madness, consider this: Star Joe Morton, who plays Olivia Pope’s father, recently told that there was “lots of screaming, lots of shouting” during the table read for the episode. “We just couldn’t believe where it was going,” said Morton […] more

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