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What Was Your Favorite Moment From The 2017 Oscars?

It’s hard to believe that another Academy Awards has come and gone! From gowns we couldn’t take our eyes off of on the red carpet to hilarious quips from this year’s host Jimmy Kimmel, and, of course, an absolutely wild Best Picture snafu, this year’s Oscars provided us with some seriously memorable moments. We’re sure …

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  • 1%

    Emma Stone

  • 0%

    Isabelle Huppert

  • 0%

    Taraji P. Henson

  • 97%

    Viola Davis


  • 75%

    Lorelai Gilmore on 'Gilmore Girls'

  • 24%

    Sarah Braverman on 'Parenthood'

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Ellen Degeneres breaks the record at PCAs 2017 for most People's Choice Awards wins!

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Feb 24, 2017 celebrity

Michael Urie Looks Back On ‘Ugly Betty’

Ugly Betty fans are all too familiar with Michael Urie. After all, the actor spent years playing Wilhelmina Slater’s fierce assistant, Marc St. James. As much as we loved watching Urie steal the scene in Ugly Betty, it’s been great to see the actor spread his wings since the show came to an end after …

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