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  • 12%

    Juan Pablo Galavis
    (Season 18)

  • 44%

    Sean Lowe
    (Season 17)

  • 14%

    Ben Flajnik
    (Season 16)

  • 28%

    Brad Womack
    (Season 15)

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Emmy winner Aaron Paul makes it to the "Showcase Showdown" on 'The Price Is Right'

Celebrity Video

4 hours ago tv

Is ‘Once Upon A Time’ Taking On This Popular Disney Movie Next?

Step aside Elsa, there’s an evil witch headed to Storybrooke! As the highly anticipated ABC fantasy drama, Once Upon A Time, gears up for season four, fans are already anticipating the series’ take on Disney’s Frozen. But now, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that OUAT is adding yet another infamous Disney plot to upcoming episodes: Maleficent. …

7 hours ago tv

6 Storylines We Need To See In A ‘Full House’ Revival

Have mercy! The iconic family sitcom Full House may be returning! The cast and producers from the popular TGIF series are said to be mulling a return — complete with original cast members! Fresh off the success of Girl Meets World, the new series would/could/should potentially feature actors John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Candace …