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Watch the heart-pounding trailer for Warner Bros. remake of "Point Break"

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9 hours ago movies

10 Incredible Movie Monologues That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

There are those of us who grew up idolizing our parents and siblings. We learned right and wrong from our teachers and counselors. We did dumb things on the playground, made mistakes in the classroom, and threw tantrums when life didn’t go our way. And then there are those of us who learned how to be a …

10 hours ago movies

‘Wonder Woman’ May Have Found Its Leading Man In Chris Pine

Sparks might soon be flying between Wonder Woman and Star Trek actor, Chris Pine. According to Variety, sources are reporting that Pine is currently in negotiations to star opposite Gal Gadot in Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero origin story movie, Wonder Woman. If cast, Pine would play Gadot’s love interest, Steve Trevor. In the comic books, …

12 hours ago movies

Here’s What 12 Popular Movies Taught Us About Love

A trip to the movies can provide a lot of things — comfort when you’re feeling down, a sense of adventure when you’re feeling bored, popcorn to fill your empty belly. Movies are your friend when you need a night out, and your therapist when you’re looking for guidance. And what guidance they can provide! An alien …