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6 Surprising Facts About The ‘Power Rangers’

As kids, few things were probably more exciting than hearing the catchphrase, “It’s morphin’ time!” The call signaled it was time for five regular teens to transform themselves into karate kicking, robot wielding superheroes. The Power Rangers have been battling the forces of evil for over two decades now and soon, our favorite teenagers with …

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    X-Men: Apocalypse

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    Alice Through The Looking Glass

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Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogen have fun with some kid-friendly stand-up jokes

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7 hours ago tv

The Cast Of MTV’s ‘Eye Candy’ Had A ‘Delicious’ Reunion

MTV’s Eye Candy may have only lasted one season, but it’s clear that the show’s stars still share a special bond! The cast of the crime drama got together for a family dinner earlier this week and lucky for us, series star Victoria Justice was kind enough to share a photo of the reunion.   …

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