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44 minutes ago movies

10 Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Was that just the sniffles? A strategically placed cough? Something in your eye? No! Those were real, live tears and we all know it, OK!? Listen, we all deal with tear jerkers in our own little way, but it takes a truly confident person to own up to their emotions, grab the nearest tissue and admit …


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Watch the heart-pounding trailer for Warner Bros. remake of "Point Break"

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2 hours ago music

12 Perfect AIM Away Messages Inspired By Current Songs

Let’s set the scene: You’re in the computer room, tap tap tapping on your Gateway computer. Dinner’s been served, homework’s been completed (at least your mom thinks so), and you’re finally able to hear the sweet, sweet sound of your modem dialing up. You’ve been waiting all afternoon to talk to your friends and crushes …