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Must Watch Video

SNL holds a press conference with Tom Brady and Coach Belichick

Celebrity Video

Jan 26, 2015 celebrity

Tom Hanks Takes The Subway, Looks Totally Chill

Commuting on public transportation can be stressful: You’re packed in like sardines with a bunch of strangers, there’s nowhere to sit, and everyone’s grumpy and miserable. Everyone except Tom Hanks, that is. See, while most people view subways, trains, and buses as a necessary evil in order to get from place to place, the Oscar …

Jan 26, 2015 celebrity

This Backstreet Boys Wedding Surprise Is Everything

Backstreet’s back, alright! Howie D of the Backstreet Boys gave one lucky Florida couple the story of a lifetime by making a surprise appearance at their wedding over the weekend. Ryan and A’riel Kastovich cordially invited the entire ’90s boy band to their Melbourne, Fla. wedding with a YouTube video listing five reasons why the …