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The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Already Broke A Huge Record

Two members of the Avengers teamed up to smash a record, and, oddly enough, neither of them are the Hulk. Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last week to premiere the debut trailer for the eagerly anticipated Avenger battle royal known as Captain America: Civil War. With interest in superhero …

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    The Luck of the Irish

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    The Ultimate Christmas Present

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Reese Witherspoon May Star In A Barbie Movie

Reese Witherspoon could be gearing up to share the silver screen with one of the most iconic blondes in history. The actress may star in the upcoming film Barbie and Ruth, which will tell the story of the woman who created Barbie and how it ended up changing the toy industry forever. According to Deadline, Witherspoon …

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